Manufacturer: Doric

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Double wall protection combines the durability of reinforced concrete with Durapreme polystyrene plastic inner liner with strengthening ribs on all sides for added strength.
DORIC Integra-Bond bonding System, adhering the plastic inner liner to the concrete wall and cover.
DORIC  Integra-Seal, a butyl compound used in the seal groove merges base and cover to form a single sealed unit.
Decedent name plate and appropriate decorative emblem.
Textured exterior solid color paint to complement the casket selection.
Backed by the DORIC full 50 year warranty.
Steel reinforced using a 5000 PSI Concrete Mix.
Approximate weight 2,300 lbs.
Standard size (Fits most caskets)
Exterior Dimensions: 91”L x 35”W
Interior Dimensions: 86”L x 30”W
Over-sized (Fits most over-sized caskets)
Exterior Dimensions: 96”L x 40”W
Interior Dimensions: 90”L x 34”W