DORIC Lydian

Manufacturer: Doric

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Triple wall protection combines the durability of reinforced concrete with an ABS Fiberlon plastic liner for added protection and the beauty of a copper inner liner for added strength.
Cover carapace is also covered in copper for added beauty.
DORIC Integra-Bond bonding System, adhering the plastic inner liner to the concrete wall and cover.
DORIC  Integra-Seal, a butyl compound used in the seal groove merges base and cover to form a single sealed unit.
Decedent name plate and appropriate decorative emblem.
Bar handles add subtle elegance.
Textured exterior highlighted with 2-tone paint to complement the casket selection.
Backed by the DORIC full 100 year warranty.
Steel reinforced using a 5000 PSI Concrete Mix.
Approximate weight 2,700 lbs.
Standard size (Fits most caskets)
Exterior Dimensions: 91”L x 35”W
Interior Dimensions: 86”L x 30”W
Over-sized (Fits most over-sized caskets)
Exterior Dimensions: 96”L x 40”W
Interior Dimensions: 90”L x 34”W