Ordering a Casket

Choosing a casket is a very personal and important decision. You should choose a casket based on your own preferences and the personality of your loved one. We believe we offer a selection that will allow everyone to find the one that best represents your loved one. 

The Universal Casket Company has been serving the funeral industry for over 55 years. They manufacture according to premium standards and features that meet or exceed caskets typically sold in funeral homes. Universal Casket is devoted to quality assurance and complete satisfaction for your peace of mind.

Enter the following information for the "Shipping Address" at checkout:  

  • First and last name: name of the deceased  
  • Company name: name of mortuary  
  • Address of mortuary  
  • Phone Number: phone number of mortuary

For the "'Billing Address," enter the following information at checkout about the person or organization that is paying for the casket:
  • First and last name: name Credit Card Holder
  • Company name: Company name (if there is one on the card)
  • Address: Address of the Credit Card Holder
  • Phone Number: Phone number of the Credit Card Holder